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5 Ways to Cure Senioritis

As all you young gun high school seniors are feverently posting instagrams of your awkwardly staged senior photos with the caption, Can it be summer yet? #senioritis, take a second and think about your followers.  While you focus on your caption game, us real college students are rolling our eyes and scrolling on by. Why the lack of sympathy? Because you’re making it worse than it is! Here are 5 ways to cure that itching tick of senioritis.1.     Ask your parents for lunch money.Just to let you know, the food is... Read more »

Major Challenges--Literally and Figuratively

If you’re reading this, you might have either caught yourself staring blankly at your college application lately, particularly at the box demanding you to write in your major declaration, or maybe you’ve been sitting in your dorm room wondering why on Earth you chose the major you did and what you’re planning on doing with that degree.Well, I’m here to tell you to relax. Don’t get me wrong, your major is important to your degree and of course influences what classes you take. But that’s all the more reason... Read more »

A billion reasons not to be a STEM major

That party you were planning on going to this week? Nah. Dinner out with your friends? Forget it, takes too long. Weekend trip to the city? In your dreams. As a STEM major (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math), you no longer have a life. You have willingly (at the complete and utter shock of literally all of your friends) signed your life away to science. Science is kind of like Satan, but more boring. He’ll take your life away from you and what do you get in return? Hopefully a mid level research gig in the real world. Hopefully.... Read more »

Picking a College--A Second Opinion

Looking at colleges is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. Do you go for the inexpensive tennis shoes, or the stunning name brand heels? Do you choose the bright yellow rain boots or those docksiders that are perfect for the beach? Do you get the bigger size that give your feet some room to grow, or do you pick the perfect fit and hope your feet remain the same size for the rest of your life? Decisions decisions. Colleges are just as varied as shoes. Will you be happier at the inexpensive state school or the ‘sell your organs to... Read more »

What to Consider When Picking a School

You might have gotten feedback from your parents, your school guidance counselor, and whoever else offers up suggestions for picking your school, and maybe you’re still not sure.This is not a rare scenario. Almost every high school senior has dealt with feelings of uncertainty regarding where they want to go to college. There are so many factors to consider, but here are a few I found most important to my overall college happiness.The most important aspects are not necessarily the parties and nightlife, regardless of how much media and... Read more »

How to overcome the roommate of your nightmares

The idea of moving in with a complete stranger is wildly terrifying, but also somewhat exciting. The anticipation of discovering your roommate dynamic and hopefully, if you’re lucky, becoming lifelong friends, is almost too much to handle. For some of us, the fantasies of decorating together, running out to get late night snacks, and giggling long into the night come true! But for the rest of us, the promise of a year-long sleepover dies the moment that we walk into our rooms and realize that our worst nightmares have mutated and come to... Read more »


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