The Internet is FOREVER!

The Internet is FOREVER!

Social media can be a fun, powerful tool for sharing information. Unfortunately, its accessibility and ease of use can lead to big problems for your reputation and career prospects. Just ask Justine Sacco, Kenneth Cole, Gilbert Gottfried or dozens of other high-profile individuals who have paid a steep price for posting a hasty, inappropriate tweet.  

Worst of all, once you post something on the Internet, it’s usually permanent. One inappropriate photo or one hasty Facebook post can end up tarnishing your reputation and hurting your chances of being accepted to a certain school or landing that dream job. Don’t be mistaken: employers and admissions counselors are Googling you, and if they don’t like what they see, it can hurt you.

So before you tweet out that dirty joke or Instagram that photo of you and your friends at spring break: stop and think about what it could do to your reputation. Use social media to bolster your reputation, not permanently damage it.

Be smart: Think before you tweet.


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