Holiday Gift Guide

Sure, Christmas may be right around the corner (literally), but we still wanted to throw our hat into the ring of great holiday gift ideas for students.


If you’re a parent looking to buy for your student, you really can’t go wrong with any of these. If you’re a student, it’s never too late to put a last-minute request in to Santa. 




Portable Projector

Forget the flatscreen TVs. Go big or go home! For around $130, you can get a nice portable projector ($85) and a wall-mounted projection screen ($44.95) so you can view movies or host the big game in your dorm room.



It’s no secret that college kids aren’t exactly health nuts. Ramen Noodles may be cheap, but they’re not much for nutrition. For a quick, easy way to stay healthy, try the the NutriBullet ($89) high-speed blender, perfect for making delicious yet healthy smoothies.


Simply Classic

Van Gogh. Picasso. Sarte. Hemingway. All great thinkers who used simple notebooks to chronicle and sketch out their most important thoughts. Show some class with a traditional Moleskine notebook ($16.24) and never let a great idea get away.


Charge It Up

Smartphones. Tablets. MP3 Players. College students have all kinds of gadgets to keep charged and available when they need them. An all-in-one charging station ($25.99) will give them plenty of power to charge all of their devices at once.


Love Thy Selfie

Did you know the average college student takes up to 458 smartphone photos each day? O.K., we made that up, but students do take a lot of pictures. These Olloclip add-on lenses ($50-$130) turn your smartphone into a multi-lens SLR, helping you snap some killer selfies. 


Just My Type

All right, I may be a little partial to this idea, but what’s not to like? Inspired by the resurgence in typewriter popularity and a desire for simplicity, the Hemingwrite is for one thing and one thing only: writing. No Facebook or Instagram to distract you from getting that term paper done, just good old-fashioned typing with a twist. (It’s not available until next fall, but for a small donation, you can support this innovative idea and help get it into production.)


We sure hope Santa is good to you this year. Happy holidays, from MyPath101!

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