Tips For Moving Home From College

Tips For Moving Home From College

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The school year is quickly winding down, and for college kids that means it’s time to start thinking about moving back home.


Whether you’re a freshman just coming home for the summer or a senior coming home for good (or until your parents tell you it’s time to move out), there are a number of things you start to thinking about now so that your move will go smoothly once classes are dismissed.


Get Truckin’

If you have your own truck or van to move your things, great. But if you need to rent a truck for your move, you better get a move-on, so to speak. With thousands of college kids just like you getting ready to head home for the summer, it won’t be long before all the trucks are rented. Be sure to call your local truck rental company today; a 12-footer should work for most students. And if possible, schedule your move for a weekday, when demand for trucks won’t be as high.


Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If you’ve got a lot of stuff to bring home, you don’t want to wait until the last few days of the year to start packing. After all, you’ll probably want to spend some time with your friends, especially if you’re a senior. Start packing today. Just do a little each day, and pick things that you don’t use everyday. You can always keep the boxes open in case you end up needing something. By doing your packing in small increments, you won’t have to cram everything into those last couple of days after finals.


Use the Buddy System

Know any classmates that live in or near your hometown? You might want to consider teaming up with them in your move. Not only can it save you money — especially if you’re planning on renting a truck — but it helps conserve resources, too. Plus, it’s always nice to have another pair of hands to help you when you’re hauling things from your dorm to the curb.


Have Fun with It

Moving has a bad reputation as being a pain in the you-know-what. And sometimes it can be. But if you go into it with a positive attitude, moving can actually be a fun experience. Pump up the music. Order a pizza. Make a party out of it—a moving party! Use this time to spend some memorable moments with your friends before the summer break. 


Prepare for the Transition Home

When you’ve been living on your own for a while, moving back in with your folks can be a trying experience—both for you and for your parents. So before things get to a boiling point, talk with your parents and make sure that you both understand each other’s expectations. You may be used to total independence, but you should also respect your parents too, especially if you’re going to be living under their roof. Just be sure to set some ground rules early and make sure to keep the lines of communication open.


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