The Top Summer Jobs for Students

The Top Summer Jobs for Students

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If you’re a student, there’s no sweeter time of year than summer. The sun! The fun! The freedom! It can almost make you forget how you did on that Calc final. Yikes.


Of course, summertime isn’t all about fun in the sun. It’s also about making a few bucks while at the same time getting some valuable work experience. The trick is finding the right job for you.


The following is a list of the most popular summer jobs for students. Some are more glamorous than others, and the pay varies from job to job. But you should be able to find something in here that will help you earn a little cash and make the most out of your summer break.


Top Summer Jobs for Students



If you can find the right situation, being a babysitter can be a great gig. And if you like kids, you basically get paid to play. How can you beat that?



If you enjoy being outside and getting your hands dirty, this is the job for you. Just be prepared to work hard.


Customer Service Rep

If you’ve got a bubbly personality, a good sense of humor, and you enjoy solving people’s problems, you may just be a born CSR. 


Camp Counselor

Swimming, hiking, camping…I mean, what’s not to like?



If you’re a sun worshiper, this job was made for you. Just don’t forget the sunblock.


Pet Sitter

Get paid to get some fresh air and exercise while walking a bunch of happy, playful pooches? Where do I sign up?



Got some mad writing, math, or Spanish-speaking skills? Spread the love and share your knowledge with a younger student. 


Fitness Instructor

Love working out? Why not get paid to do it? Teach Zumba. Lead a spinning class. Get paid to stay in shape!



Being a waiter or a waitress is hard work. But if you’ve got a positive attitude and a strong work eithic, serving tables can be a lucrative occupation.


Golf Caddie

Again, if you love being outdoors, caddying can be a great option. Get some exercise strolling the fairways while you make valuable connections and (hopefully) collect some generous tips, too.


Amusement Park Employee

How can you NOT have fun at an amusement park? And don’t forget the funnel cakes.


Retail Sales Associate

When the weather’s hot and sticky, stay cool and get discounts on the latest fashions working at your favorite clothing store at the mall.



You don’t have to be the next Monet to make a lot of mon-ay painting houses during the summer. 



If you can land a paid internship—good for you! But even if it’s free, an internship might just be the most rewarding summer job you can have.

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