Top Jobs Of The Future!

Top Jobs Of The Future!

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What will the future look like? 


  • Will we be darting around the sky in our flying cars? 
  • Will we be gliding around town on our Hoverboards? 
  • Will President Trump have his own reality show inside the White House? 

Nobody knows.


Fortunately, we do know what the top jobs of the future will be thanks to College Atlas, which compiled this list of careers that will be in high demand, circa 2022. (Jobs are listed according to projected number of job openings in that field.)


If any of these pique your interest, speak to your counselor or advisor about them and do a little research online to learn more about what type of schooling/training the particular career field requires.


Registered Nurses

Jobs in 2022: 3,238,300

Current Median Salary: $65,470


General and Operations Managers

Jobs in 2022: 2,311,920

Current Median Salary: $95,440 


Accountants and Auditors

Jobs in 2022: 1,442,100

Current Median Salary: $63,550


Computer Systems Analysts

Jobs in 2022: 648,300

Current Median Salary: $79,680


Market Research Analysts

Jobs in 2022: 547,200

Current Median Salary: $60,300


Counselors and Therapists

Jobs in 2022: 214,500

Current Median Salary: $41,500


Scientific Researchers

Jobs in 2022: 116,800

Current Median Salary: $87,000


Environmental Scientists and Specialists

Jobs in 2022: 103,200

Current Median Salary: $63,570 



Jobs in 2022: 78,700

Current Median Salary: $84,460



Jobs in 2022: 2 out of 5 U.S. Workers

Current Median Salary: $[Unlimited]







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