What's Hot In Social Media

What's Hot In Social Media

Social media

Remember the good old days when it was just Facebook. Then along came Twitter. And LinkedIn. And Google+. And Instagram. And Pinterest. And on and on and on…


If there’s one thing about social media that doesn't change, it's that it’s always changing. While Facebook and Twitter constantly tweak and redesign their platforms in order to stay current with the trends, new platforms keep popping up almost daily trying to get a piece of the social media pie. 


That said, we thought we’d take a look at three of the newest and most popular social media platforms out there today. 




Periscope is all about the now. And right now it’s all about live video streaming and real-time updates. On it's website, Periscope describes itself as "the closest thing to teleportation”, giving users the ability to discover “the world through someone else’s eyes”.


Unlike the old way of sharing a video, i.e., shooting it and then posting it sometime later, Periscope let’s you share a live, real-time broadcast of what you’re doing right now. In other words, it let's the world experience something through your eyes. Viewers also have the ability to interact with the broadcaster by sending messages and “hearts” to show their approval.


This newcomer to the social media scene is already a giant, with its users watching over 40 YEARS of live video, collectively, every single day. 


For students, Periscope offers a platform for real-time learning/sharing from anywhere in the world. Imagine experiencing a live, eye-witness account of a civil insurrection in Europe or a person exploring the ancient jungle city of Machu Picchu. The possibilities are endless!




Messaging apps have changed the way we communicate. In fact, according to Social Media Today, “6 of the top 10 most-used apps globally are messaging apps”.


WhatsApp is currently the leading messaging app, even topping Facebook Messenger. This cross-platform mobile app uses your phone's Internet connection to chat with and call other WhatsApp users—without having to pay for SMS! You can also create groups and send your friends unlimited images, as well as video and audio media messages.


Since it’s a free service, WhatsApp is an attractive option for students looking to keep expenses down. 




One of the newest and most exciting social media platforms out there today is Blab, which lets users take part in real-time conversations with up to four individuals on a variety of searchable topics. Sure, group video chat platforms like Google Hangouts and Skype have been around for a while now. But what makes Blab so cool is that it really puts the “social" in social media.


On Blab, up to four people can video chat simultaneously while a live audience watches and comments. First you select your subject of interest. Then you’re given the opportunity to join a live Blab or one that’s scheduled for a later time. With Blab, you’re not just a viewer. You can request to join the conversation, and the moderator can choose to approve or deny your request.


Basically, it allows anyone to be the broadcaster of their very own talk show on just about any subject imaginable. 


For students, Blab is a great way to get information and hear opinions on just about anything, as well as share their own point of view, all the while learning valuable communication skills that go above and beyond what you can type out with their thumbs. ~


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