College Hook Up Culture

College Hook Up Culture

We’ve all been there. You’re in your favorite jeans and that great new tshirt that shows off all the planks you’ve been working on in the gym. You started out the night at dinner with your closest friends and are now dancing like you don’t have that 8:30 am tomorrow. When you head outside to get fresh air that cute guy or girl from your macroeconomics class is already standing there, and the two of you start up a great conversation. Maybe you go back into the house and dance together, maybe you just leave right then with him or her because the chemistry is too real to ignore. Either way, the next morning you wake up in their bed or they wake up in yours. All in all a typical night that almost every person to go through college has experienced, but this is where it gets interesting.

In high school, you didn’t kiss someone until you’d both hung out together in a group setting at least a few times. You definitely knew their name, who their friends were, and what kind of student they were. Or, if you went to a small school like me, you knew everything about everyone since you were all in that horrible middle school phase together. Kissing anyone in your high school was a big deal, because, like it or not, the whole school would know in a matter of days. College is different. Participating in one or several dance floor make outs in a single night is no big deal. Not even knowing the names of the guys or girls you’ve kissed isn’t very uncommon. If you kiss, or even go home with, a random person you met out at night, chances are no one besides your friends will even care. It’s the perfect environment for letting out all that pent up sexual frustration that college kids are so famous for, but what happens when you want more?

You’re sitting in class the night after your hookup and you keep glancing at your phone wondering if econ person is going to text you. You tell yourself it’s no big deal if they don’t, but a small voice in your head is really hoping they will. By the end of freshmen year the constant hookups start to get old. It’s not that you need a boyfriend or girlfriend to be happy; it’s just that it would be nice to have an emotional, not just sexual, connection with someone. Having a wild night with a stranger can be really exciting, don’t get me wrong, but actually, dare I say it, dating someone in college doesn’t seem that bad either. Avoiding the awkwardness of finding a formal date, having someone to just Netflix (not chill) with, and talking late into the night with a person who genuinely knows your full name. Dating in college is a forgotten art, but hopefully one that won’t become a lost art.

- Sloan Ellis Washington and Lee University '18. Sloan is a sophomore mathematics and economics double major.






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