5 Ways to Cure Senioritis

5 Ways to Cure Senioritis

As all you young gun high school seniors are feverently posting instagrams of your awkwardly staged senior photos with the caption, Can it be summer yet? #senioritis, take a second and think about your followers.  While you focus on your caption game, us real college students are rolling our eyes and scrolling on by. Why the lack of sympathy? Because you’re making it worse than it is! Here are 5 ways to cure that itching tick of senioritis.

1.     Ask your parents for lunch money.

Just to let you know, the food is about to get exponentially worse. I mean like, “mother of god how can they be serving dry chicken and unsalted potatoes again” bad. So grab that wrinkly ten dollars out of your pocket and eat lunch at your favorite hometown spot.  And savor it.

2.     Enjoy after school practice.

For most senior high school athletes, you are at your peak right now; you’re working out daily, metabolism is cranking, running sprints with ease, enjoy it! Because soon enough you will be daydreaming of running back on that field or court instead of being boxed inside the library walls, forced to complete an unholy amount of math problems on WebAssign.  Face it--you’ve contemplated whether you should just accept the inevitable and become a stripper. (Come back and read this in a year, then you’ll understand my humor.)

3.     Fake a cold.

This one might sound weird but never again are you going to be able to wake up and push off all your responsibilities while your mom makes you soup and keeps you comfortable all the live long day. Soon being sick results in you looking like death in a lecture hall praying your roommate won't be home so you can turn the lights off and maybe get a nap in for 20 minutes between classes.  Not to mention receiving the dreaded “noticed you weren’t in class today” email from a disapproving professor.  You could try to explain that you were actually hospitalized due to contracting a rare form of pneumonia, (yeah, that actually happened) but don’t worry. They’ll still expect your essay to be turned in on time, and naturally, in person. Excellent.

4.     Hang out with your family.

You may already know deep down you will miss your parents and siblings when you leave for college. But when you’re across the country or even a two-hour drive away and you fail your first exam, you are going to wish you were sitting on the living room couch with your parents to reassure you.  But hey, at least you can avoid the inevitable tormenting from your little brother as he make fun of you for being a failure--it comes with the territory.. So take this weekend and spend some quality time with the fam. And while you’re at it, put your phone down and actually enjoy their company.

5.     Grab your best friend and go to your favorite hometown spot.

The beach, the roof of a building, a secret camping spot, whatever it may be, we all have a favorite place that we share with our friends. Go there and reminisce with your best friend. Most likely you two will be heading to different places in a few months and your lives are going to be very different. Take a moment and acknowledge how far you’ve already come and enjoy where you are right now.  Get a little sentimental with it.  No three hour FaceTime conversation can supplement spending realtime time with your buddies, and that is soon to become your reality come August.

Let’s get this straight: College is amazing. You are given crazy amounts of responsibility and with that comes the gift of the freedom you’ve ever had. It’s normal for you to be giddy with excitement for freshmen year. And that’s good, because you’re about to have the best four years of your life. But humor me and take advice from someone who’s in the thick of it.  Know that taking little moments during your senior year to slow down time and appreciate the the people and places you love will be much more satisfying than the feeling of looking back and missing all of it.

-Tommy Murphy, Arizona State University. Tommy is a sophomore supply chain major.

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