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How To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile And Make Valuable Connections

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Career Marketing
getting the most out of LinkedIn
Everyone knows LinkedIn as a great tool for building your network and finding a better job. But this social media giant isn’t just for people who currently have a job; it’s also a valuable resource for anyone who’s currently in a life/work transition.   Read more »

A Surefire Plan To Help You Land A Great Job After College

Posted in Career Marketing, Finding Your Dream Job
success after college
Now that you’ve graduated from high school, you’re ready to begin college and start preparing for your career. Just think…four years from now, with your diploma in hand, you’ll be ready to land the job of your dreams and start raking in the dough!   Read more »

When It Comes to Your Job Hunt, Success Doesn't Come in an Instant

Posted in Career Marketing
Finding your dream job takes time
We live in a world of instant gratification. Want to know the square-mileage of Kazakhstan? Just Google it. (I just did. It's 1,052,085 sq. mi.) Think you've got what it takes to be a pop star? Read more »


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