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5 Ways to Cure Senioritis

Posted in Dealing With Change, College Preparation
As all you young gun high school seniors are feverently posting instagrams of your awkwardly staged senior photos with the caption, Can it be summer yet? Read more »

How to overcome the roommate of your nightmares

Posted in Dealing With Change, College Preparation
The idea of moving in with a complete stranger is wildly terrifying, but also somewhat exciting. The anticipation of discovering your roommate dynamic and hopefully, if you’re lucky, becoming lifelong friends, is almost too much to handle. For some of us, the fantasies of decorating together, running out to get late night snacks, and giggling long into the night come true! But for the rest of us, the promise of a year-long sleepover dies the moment that we walk into our rooms and realize that our worst nightmares have mutated and come to life. Read more »

Teaching myself through calculus

Posted in Dealing With Change
Imagine. It’s my first day of winter quarter, I wake up at seven just so I can look decently attractive for my first class because who knows who will be in it, grab my coffee and a banana on the way and sit in the second row from the back (so I’m not a total slacker but not a brown-noser in the front row, obviously). People sleepily start to trickle in, I know a few of them so things are already looking up even at 8 AM. Then, the professor walks in-- a short, brown-haired guy with glasses, wearing a dorky tie, classic math professor. Then boom. Read more »

Getting To Know The True You

Posted in Dealing With Change, Identity And Personal Branding
personality, core values, who you are
If you’re in your first year of college, by now you’ve probably started to recognize some big changes in yourself. Don’t worry; this is all completely normal. You’re on your own for the first time in your life. You're in a new place with new people. It’s only natural that you’re starting to see some changes in yourself as you’re exposed to new surroundings, new people, and new ways of thinking. The change you’re experiencing is growth. Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Senior Year In High School

Posted in College Preparation, High School, Time Management, Career Marketing, Dealing With Change
High school students, senior year
If you’re a high school senior, your head’s probably spinning with all the emotions you’re dealing with and all the things you need to do to get ready for college and the next exciting phase of your life. And, oh yeah, you still have to keep up with your current studies so that you finish strong come next spring.   Read more »

A Monthly To-Do List For High School Seniors

Posted in College Admissions, College Preparation, Dealing With Change
to-do list
If you’re a senior in high school—congratulations! It’s been a long, uphill climb since kindergarten, and now the summit is finally in view. Next stop—college!  Read more »


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