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College Prep Checklist For Parents Of High School Seniors

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College freshman checklist, first semester
If your child is entering his or her senior year of high school, you’re already well into College Planning Mode (at least we hope you are). Senior year will be one of the busiest years of your child’s education. Read more »

Countdown To College! — Last-Minute Advice

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students moving
This is it! If you haven’t already headed off to college, you will be any day now. This is the moment you’ve worked your entire life for. You’re about to embark on an adventure that will expose you to new surroundings and ideas; where you’ll have experiences and meet new friends that will last a lifetime. How cool is that?! Read more »

Dealing With Homesickness At College

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homesick, sad, lonely, college
You’ve got all your stuff packed. You’ve contacted your dormitory roommate. You’ve had one last going-away bash with your high school friends. Now you’re chomping at the bit to pack the car, put it in drive, and head off to college! (And who wouldn’t be? Honestly, I’m a little jealous myself.)  Read more »

College Choice: Finding The Right Fit For You Academically

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college, students, campus
When you’re trying to pick the college that’s the right match or “fit” for you, there are a lot of things to consider:   Read more »

The Future of Higher Education

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future of education
What will the future of higher education look like? Will we still be attending brick-and-mortar universities, or will we be “attending” all of our classes remotely in the comfort of our own home, on a beach, in outer space, etc.? Read more »

Awesome Online College Packing Lists

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making the most of your college experience
Is it just me, or is this summer flying by? It seems like just yesterday that high-school seniors all over were donning their caps and gowns and receiving their high school diplomas. Now here we are in mid-July, just a month or so from when those same grads will be arriving at college to begin the next exciting phase of their life. Read more »


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