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10 Questions To Ask When You Job Shadow Someone

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Job shadowing
Recently I was speaking with a family friend who’s a junior in high school, and we were talking about her plans for the future. Right now she’s in that pivotal year where she’s shifting away from the high school mindset and starting to think about college. She’s already making a list of possible schools and scheduling campus visits for this fall and next spring.  Read more »

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Last Summer Before College

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last summer before college
If you’re a high school graduate, the summer before your freshman year in college can be one of the most exciting and memorable ones of your life. In just a couple months, you’ll be heading off to begin a brand new phase of your life—one where you’ll meet people who will eventually become some of your closest friends, and one where you’ll learn so much about yourself as you start building for your future career. Read more »

What the FIFA World Cup Has Taught Me About the Passage of Time

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FIFA World Cup soccer
A week from today the eyes of the world will be on Brazil as it kicks off a global celebration that only happens every four years. I'm talking about the FIFA World Cup, of course. And for soccer fans like me, next Thursday will be like Christmas day, just without all the presents and those pesky relatives.  Read more »

National Teacher Appreciation Week - What Teacher Changed Your Life?

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My 2nd and 3rd Grade teacher was kind woman named Mrs. Wolff. Honestly, besides a faded image of her I have in my mind, I don't remember much about her today – heck, that was well over 30 years ago. But the impact she had on my life is immeasurable. Read more »

Seasons of Change – Learning to Adapt and Grow Through Life's Transitions

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May is a month of change. After a long, cold winter, the spring buds have blossomed and the trees are turning from brown to green. The flowers that slowly rose out of the once frozen ground are now in full bloom, bringing some much-anticipated color to the landscape. Read more »


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