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Using Twitter to Build Your Brand

Posted in Social Media Marketing
When it comes to social media, its influence is ubiquitous. It’s a communication behemoth; a global powerhouse that’s used for everything from sharing interesting hyperlinks, to posting snarky comments about the Oscars, to real-time reporting from areas of social unrest. Read more »

What's Hot In Social Media

Posted in Social Media Marketing
Social media
Remember the good old days when it was just Facebook. Then along came Twitter. And LinkedIn. And Google+. And Instagram. And Pinterest. And on and on and on…  Read more »

Finding Your Tribe On Google+

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Career Path, Career Marketing
Finding your tribe in Google+
In his book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us (2008), Seth Godin talks about the human need to belong; to be part of a tribe; to “contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people.”  Read more »

How To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile And Make Valuable Connections

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Career Marketing
getting the most out of LinkedIn
Everyone knows LinkedIn as a great tool for building your network and finding a better job. But this social media giant isn’t just for people who currently have a job; it’s also a valuable resource for anyone who’s currently in a life/work transition.   Read more »

Five Great Ways To Get The Most Out Of Facebook

Posted in Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Identity And Personal Branding, Personal Brand
Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Facebook
With well over 500 million people using Facebook these days, it’s no secret that Mr. Zuckerberg’s little college project has turned into a social media juggernaut. Facebook is the place we go to in order to connect with friends, to talk about and share pictures of all the exciting things in our lives, and, yes, waste a boatload of time. But, hey, it sure is a lot of fun! Read more »

5 Things Soccer Can Teach You About Life

Posted in Goal Setting, Social Media Marketing
what soccer can teach you about life
It sure has been a fun ride watching Team U.S.A. battle in the World Cup these past few weeks. But, alas, the ride is officially over. At least we can hold our heads high knowing that they tried their best and represented our country with pride. We’ll get ’em in 2018!  Read more »

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