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Dealing With Social Media Addiction

smartphone, cell phone, social media, texting
In the past we’ve talked about how to clean up your social media accounts and leverage them to rock your personal brand and make valuable connections that can help you along your career path. Now we’d like to talk about a more serious subject: Social Media Addiction (SMA). SMA is a frightening and mentally debilitating disorder that affects millions and one that we totally made up for this week’s post.  Symptoms can include: Smartphone permanently attached to one’s handPain in your scrolling... Read more »

The Most Important Thing I Learned in College

Choosing the right college for you
There are literally hundreds of books and online resources you can access about maximizing your time in college. But when it comes down to making the most of these defining years of your life, nothing is more valuable than honest advice from people who have been there, done that.  With that in mind, we asked people to share the most important thing they learned in college. Here's what they said:  “First, always give any task 100% of your effort. It is better to have failed without regret than to think of what you... Read more »

What's Hot In Social Media

Social media
Remember the good old days when it was just Facebook. Then along came Twitter. And LinkedIn. And Google+. And Instagram. And Pinterest. And on and on and on… If there’s one thing about social media that doesn't change, it's that it’s always changing. While Facebook and Twitter constantly tweak and redesign their platforms in order to stay current with the trends, new platforms keep popping up almost daily trying to get a piece of the social media pie.  That said, we thought we’d take a look at... Read more »

Coding — What Is It?

computer keyboard
You hear it all the time now. It seems like everyone’s talking about “coding” and how it’s in high demand.  That’s great and all—but what is it? Coding is just another word for programming. It’s what makes it possible to create websites, software, and the apps on your phone. The web browser you’re using, the MyPath101 website, your Instagram on your smartphone—they were all made through coding. Pretty cool, huh? U.S. News & World Report lists coding as one of... Read more »

The Power of Reading

Whether you’re in high school, college, or just beginning your career, there’s one important thing you can do to make you smarter, happier, and more successful: read, read, read. (OK, maybe that’s three things—but you know what I mean.) I read a lot as a kid, and it inspired me to fill notebook after notebook with my own imaginative stories. Then in high school I got away from it, my imagination muscle atrophied, and I stopped writing all together. It wasn’t until I became an English major in college... Read more »

Improving Your Chances of Graduating College

graduation, college graduate, college grad
With the arrival of September, millions of students across the country are settling in at their new college home as they begin the next exciting phase of their life. The question is: How many of them will still be there three years from now? According to, fewer than you’d expect. Recently Niche, which provides students and their families with valuable information and "insight into big life decisions", gathered some statistics on current college enrollment (“Back to College by the Numbers... Read more »


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