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The Future of Higher Education

future of education
What will the future of higher education look like? Will we still be attending brick-and-mortar universities, or will we be “attending” all of our classes remotely in the comfort of our own home, on a beach, in outer space, etc.? Things have already changed dramatically since I was in college just 20 years or so ago. (Has it been that long already?!) When I was a freshman, my dorm wasn’t even wired for the Internet. Heck, most people didn’t even understand what the Internet was yet. I didn’t even check... Read more »

Awesome Online College Packing Lists

making the most of your college experience
Is it just me, or is this summer flying by? It seems like just yesterday that high-school seniors all over were donning their caps and gowns and receiving their high school diplomas. Now here we are in mid-July, just a month or so from when those same grads will be arriving at college to begin the next exciting phase of their life. If you’re one of these lucky folks — and if you are, I’m jealous — you probably can’t wait to pack up the car, hit the road, and settle in to what will be your new home for the... Read more »

Five Awesome College Search Web Tools

choosing a major
Looking for the right college for you can be a daunting task, to say the least. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the U.S. there are well over 4,000 to choose from. With so many options, where do you even begin your search? Fortunately there are tons of college search websites out there to help you in your decision-making process. We’ve whittled it down to five of the best ones out there for finding the perfect college fit for you. The Princeton ReviewThe Princeton Review has been helping... Read more »

College - A Chance To Discover A Whole New You

butterfly, metamorphosis, change, new you
The other night I went to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s (PSO) performance of “Brahms v. Radiohead”, the first installment in a new concert series called FUSE @ PSO, which blends classical music with contemporary artists. This particular concert combined Brahms’ 1st Symphony (1876) with Radiohead’s groundbreaking album “OK Computer” (1997). I’ve always enjoyed classical music, but I have little interest or knowledge of Brahms. I know he wrote a lullaby or something (I think). But that... Read more »

The Top Summer Jobs for Students

summer jobs, jobs for students
If you’re a student, there’s no sweeter time of year than summer. The sun! The fun! The freedom! It can almost make you forget how you did on that Calc final. Yikes. Of course, summertime isn’t all about fun in the sun. It’s also about making a few bucks while at the same time getting some valuable work experience. The trick is finding the right job for you. The following is a list of the most popular summer jobs for students. Some are more glamorous than others, and the pay varies from job to job. But you... Read more »

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs - Part II

top jobs, fastest growing jobs, best jobs
Continuing from last week, we’re counting down the top 10 fastest growing jobs as compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics*.  So here goes…the top five fastest growing jobs: 5. Interpreter or TranslatorProjected growth: 46% Median annual salary: $42,420Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, must be fluent in more than one language Job Description: As the economy becomes more and more global, interpreters and translators will be in high demand. Both interpreters and translators convert... Read more »


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