How it Works

MyPath101 is a free online app that helps you get into and get the most out of college, build a fulfilling career, and live a vibrant life. 

You’ll love seeing how it all comes together!

  • MyPath101 is an excellent way to kick start your career path.

    Craig Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • Easy and fun. A good way to discover yourself while learning a bit along the way.

    Brannon Harnish, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • MyPath101 introduced me to resources I didn't know existed.

    Lauren Steigerwalt, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • "MyPath101 is a fantastic tool that gives you a leg up on competitors."

    Alyssa Belsterling, University of Pittsburgh
  • "It truly makes me think about things, especially my personal traits."

    Ryan Mellor, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • I liked that it really got you thinking about specifics in relation to oneself and the future. It was eye opening as well as helpful.

    Casey Allen, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • The interview advice is very good. Completing this is helpful as I plan to look for internships and jobs.

    Sam Lindner, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • This program has been very helpful in my career search.

    Lavota Carter, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • It has a lot of good information that I have wondered about but been unable to find answers to in the past.

    Sarah Medwig, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • I like how it is pretty simple to navigate around the website and provides useful information.

    Wendy Liu, University of Pittsburgh, Senior

How It Works

The What

MyPath101 is a free, web-based resource that gives students everything they need to make smart decisions about their college, career—and beyond!

The program is packed full of interactive, informative and bite-sized modules that add up to hours of actionable content, giving practical help and advice to students every step along the way on their journey through college and into a career.

The program is divided into three paths:

  • Identity & Personal Branding helps students get to know themselves as they learn to develop and articulate their unique personal brand. These insights empower them to choose the right major, and even select a career path! 

  • Social Media Strategy shows students how to build a rock-solid online reputation and make social media work for them—instead of letting it become a liability or time-suck. 

  • Career Marketing is the final path, in which students put everything they’ve learned thus far to use in applying for internships, graduate programs, and jobs.

MyPath101 is available 24/7, so students can learn whenever they concentrate and work best. Users may get the most valuable career advice of their lives at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday, shaping their future while wearing their p.j.s!


The When

Ideally, students should join MyPath101 between their sophomore year of high school and their first-year of college to aid in the application process and give their college experience a healthy kick-start.

That said, aspects of every path will benefit students at any stage of their academic adventures— whether a member is a high-schooler looking for the right college, a first-year college student seeking a summer job ,or a senior applying to grad school or that all-important first job.

Every module is always accessible, so students can get a refresher on topics they’re interested in whenever they choose.


The How

Students have free access to all of MyPath101’s content across the board. Just log in, and you’re ready to roll! Every module links to others on related topics for easy reference and self-guided study.

Content is regularly and continually updated, adding fresh insights, the latest expert advice, and brand new tips as the Internet landscape changes, cutting-edge tools are developed, and new books and studies are published.


The WHO: YOU!*

*If you’re a college-bound high school student or a college student of any age (whether you are 14, 18, 21 or one of the many baby boomers heading back to school) you’re welcome here!

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