Why MyPath?

MyPath101 makes every students’ college experience focused, formative, and fun—and helps counselors and advisors become even more efficient. Here’s why you should get on board!

  • I like how it is pretty simple to navigate around the website and provides useful information.

    Wendy Liu, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • It has a lot of good information that I have wondered about but been unable to find answers to in the past.

    Sarah Medwig, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • MyPath101 is an excellent way to kick start your career path.

    Craig Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • "MyPath101 is a fantastic tool that gives you a leg up on competitors."

    Alyssa Belsterling, University of Pittsburgh
  • "It truly makes me think about things, especially my personal traits."

    Ryan Mellor, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • This program has been very helpful in my career search.

    Lavota Carter, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • I liked that it really got you thinking about specifics in relation to oneself and the future. It was eye opening as well as helpful.

    Casey Allen, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • Easy and fun. A good way to discover yourself while learning a bit along the way.

    Brannon Harnish, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • MyPath101 introduced me to resources I didn't know existed.

    Lauren Steigerwalt, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • The interview advice is very good. Completing this is helpful as I plan to look for internships and jobs.

    Sam Lindner, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate

Why MyPath?

If you’re a Student...

From picking your classes and choosing a major to building a résumé and finding a job, you’ve got an awful lot to think about!  


MyPath101 takes the stress out of your big decisions, acting as a virtual academic advisor, tech support, and career coach wrapped into one. We get you moving on the career path of your (educated) choice and help you avoid frustration, lost tuition and wasted time.

  • Identity & Personal Branding: Get to know the real you! This path helps you define your goals, pick the right classes and develop your unique personal brand. This path will help you better understand yourself (self awareness), which equals massive self empowerment!
  • Social Media Strategy: Learn how to bury your digital dirt, build a solid online reputation, wow admissions officers, and impress potential employers with a smart, strategic social media presence.
  • Career Marketing: Get current, expert advice on every step of the job-search process, from finding opportunities and getting interviews to negotiating a fair salary once you’ve got the job.

MyPath101 is a crash course on YOU, enabling you to enjoy the present while planning a future that is achievable and oh-so-bright. 


If you’re a Parent...

We don’t have to explain to you—or your bank account—the advantage of having a child who knows what he or she wants to study early enough to graduate on time, in four years, as opposed to six...or more. 

As parents ourselves, we understand that you want to give your children every advantage as they forge their own paths. 

Think of us as your backups; a support team committed to giving your child a leg up on the competition. We help students...

  • Discover, appreciate and reach their true potential
  • Choose the major and classes that are right for them

  • Maintain an appropriate, impressive profile on social media

  • Hunt down a job and ace the interview
  • And more!

You’ve given your child a moral compass. Now let us utilize our years of experience in education, personal development, and career marketing to help him or her carve out a path to a happier, more productive college experience.

We know the same truth you do: a happy, productive student makes for an even happier parent.


If you’re a College or University...

Wish you could hire enough advisors to give every interested student the one-on-one attention they deserve? And wouldn’t it be nice if Student Affairs or the Office of Career Services could easily remind students they’re there to help?

MyPath101 makes both those things possible.

A complement to your existing resources, MyPath101 makes on-campus advisory sessions more productive, empowering students to...

  • Uncover their strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine their career paths, from finding their passions to choosing their majors 
  • Develop their résumés and market themselves to employers online 
  • And More!

In every module that tackles a topic for which there’s a school resource in place, we remind and encourage students to take advantage of that opportunity—and give them the tools and materials to make on-campus advising even more effective, whether that’s an Identity Profile dossier to bring to their academic advisor, or a draft of a résumé to take to a career advising session. We’re your satellite office...located in cyberspace. And we can’t wait to start working together. 


If you’re a High School Administrator...

Your students are grappling with some BIG questions, from deciding where to apply to choosing what to study. MyPath101 empowers students to take responsibility for their paths through higher education.

Then, when the time comes, we’ll show students how to network online and off, market themselves to potential employers, and start building a career using their education and newfound skills. Cyberspace can be a lonely place; we’ll make it seem a lot more supportive. We equip students to...

  • Research schools that are a good fit for their plans and personalities
  • Prepare an Identity Profile that will help them write standout personal essays
  • Build on online profile that’s sure to impress admissions officers
  • Apply to college with confidence
  • And more—with practical tips and expert advice every step along the way!

MyPath101 is a great complement to academic and college counseling and advisors, giving students insights and tools that make their in-person sessions more productive.


If you’re a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) provider...

We bring the resources traditionally available only on campus to your students—online! Acting as your students’ academic advisors and career counselors, we help them...

  • Define their goals and discover their potential
  • Make smart curriculum choices
  • Network effectively, online and off
  • Market themselves to employers
  • And more!

Cyberspace can be a lonely place; we’ll make it feel friendly and supportive, providing everything students need to make the most out of your courses and get a head start on the path to a fulfilling career.