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Your college experience is only as successful as you make it. The MyPath101 web app is totally free and helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go—then shows them how to get there.

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  • I liked that it really got you thinking about specifics in relation to oneself and the future. It was eye opening as well as helpful.

    Casey Allen, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • MyPath101 introduced me to resources I didn't know existed.

    Lauren Steigerwalt, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • "MyPath101 is a fantastic tool that gives you a leg up on competitors."

    Alyssa Belsterling, University of Pittsburgh
  • Easy and fun. A good way to discover yourself while learning a bit along the way.

    Brannon Harnish, University of Pittsburgh, Junior
  • It has a lot of good information that I have wondered about but been unable to find answers to in the past.

    Sarah Medwig, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • This program has been very helpful in my career search.

    Lavota Carter, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • MyPath101 is an excellent way to kick start your career path.

    Craig Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • The interview advice is very good. Completing this is helpful as I plan to look for internships and jobs.

    Sam Lindner, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate
  • I like how it is pretty simple to navigate around the website and provides useful information.

    Wendy Liu, University of Pittsburgh, Senior
  • "It truly makes me think about things, especially my personal traits."

    Ryan Mellor, University of Pittsburgh, Junior

MyPath101 is a web app that helps you build a successful college experience, fulfilling career, and a vibrant life.

Want to know how we do it? Check out our three pronged approach.

How It Works

Identity & Personal Branding

Identify Your Strengths

The diagnostic exercises in this section will help you:

  • Understand who you are and where you excel so you can choose the right classes and major
  • Define your goals, develop your leadership skills, and take responsibility for your future
  • Articulate your unique value to others, from admissions officers to potential employers

Social Media Strategy

Manage Your Reputation

Everyone Googles you! We'll help you put your best (virtual) foot forward by showing you how to:

  • Eliminate any inappropriate photos, posts and skeletons lurking in your online closet
  • Build an impressive online presence with major Google-ability
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc. for academic research, networking, and job searching

Career Marketing

Land Your Dream Job

Our virtual career coach shows you how to:

  • Present yourself as an ideal applicant through social media, cover letters and video résumés
  • Snag interviews, internships, and jobs in a highly competitive job market
  • Become a professional who can network easily and impressively both online and IRL


MyPath101 is a proud supporter of Beyond12, a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the number of low-income, first-generation, and historically underrepresented students who graduate from our nation’s colleges and universities.