Only 32% of college students graduate within four years. MyPath101 exists to help students make sure they're on the right side of that statistic. By focusing on key areas of Identity and Personal Branding, Social Media Strategy and Career Marketing, we help students get into and through college, graduate on time with a strong sense of purpose, and start down a fulfilling career path.  Our membership site provides all the resources, articles, videos and assessments necessary to do that; it's a virtual academic adviser, tech guru, and career coach all rolled into one and available 24/7.

Created by a team of experts in the fields of education, personal branding, social media, and career marketing, and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, MyPath101 launched in March of 2013 with a pilot program at the University of Pittsburgh. The University was so impressed with the program that they’ve since purchased it in bulk for student use. Since then, the company has been acquiring individual subscribers and is in discussions with several other schools about academic partnerships.

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Topics that can be discussed by various team members

  • 92% of admissions officers research prospective students on Facebook—is your social media profile ready?
  • The importance of finding your purpose early in college
  • Building your brand from the bottom up
  • Finishing in four years and forging a fulfilling career path
  • Applying for jobs (and internships and graduate school programs) in an ever more competitive digital job market